Medium Roast

Whether you're looking for the perfect dessert coffee or dessert itself, Keurig has your flavor. While flavoring coffees during processing didn't appear until the late 1970's the idea of adding ingredients to coffee to enhance its natural flavor dates back centuries to coffee lovers who added spices during the brewing process. The flavoring methods used today add no sugar, sweeteners or calories to the coffee. It just tastes indulgent.

Hot Cocoa

It's the connoisseurs coffee of choice. In general, the degree or deepness of a particular coffee bean indicates the temperature and length of time at which it has been roasted. Longer, slower roasting times bring out more body in the bean and allow it to develop hidden flavors from caramel to bittersweet chocolate. Our dark roasted varieties make the ideal afternoon treat.

Extra ​Bold

Dark Roast

Remember your fondest memories of rich, luscious hot cocoa? Well, this is better. Long one of the world's most popular hot drinks, the original beverage was actually enjoyed cold, a mixture of ground cocoa beans, water, wine and chili peppers. After its introduction in Spain, the drink began to be served hot, sweetened and without the peppers. One hundred years later, news of this fabulous new beverage had spread across Europe and to America. Today this warm, frothy drink is especially popular in the winter when both the temperature and the snow are falling.



An eye-opening way to start your day with 30% more ground coffee for each brew. If you love a more robust cup of coffee, our Extra Bold K-Cup® portion packs are for you. Each variety provides a more intense, richer coffee experience because it contains up to 30 percent more ground coffee than regular K-Cups. Our new extra bold varieties are the perfect choice for those who enjoy strong, fuller bodied coffees with distinctive flavors and layers of subtleties.

While you like to experience rich, bold flavors as much as the next coffee lover, there may be times when you prefer something less complex, but equally as delicious. For these occasions, we highly recommend one of our medium roast coffees. Simple, straightforward with well-balanced flavors, they are a relaxing reward, perfect for any time of day.








Have you ever heard someone say, "Coffee just doesn't taste like coffee without the caffeine". Well, it's not true. That's because caffeine, for the most part, lacks flavor. The challenge for roasters is how to remove the caffeine without ruining the rest of what does influence the flavor of the coffee. Fortunately, technology has triumphed. In fact, our premium decaf coffees taste so rich and delicious, you'll never know what's missing.



From the second emperor of China in 2737 B.C. to a spirited group of Bostonians in 1775, few beverages have had a more interesting history than tea. And, only one is more popular in the world today - water. Indeed, sipping a cup of tea is one of life's most soothing experiences. Especially when it's a cup that's been Keurig Brewed® to perfection in less than a minute. Our premium tea partners have worked with us to create their own unique K-Cups so you can enjoy your favorite teas with the same convenience as our coffees.

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