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Only Keurig offers hundreds of K-Cup® varieties from the finest brands. Only Keurig offers you an entire world of inspiring options. That means single-origin coffees from Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Sumatra. Exquisite custom blends, Fair Trade and organic varieties, and flavored coffees like Hazelnut or French Vanilla decaf. And only the finest 100% Arabica beans are carefully selected and prepared by some of the world's most respected roasters including Green Mountain,  Timothy's and Van Houtte.

Or maybe your cup of tea is English Breakfast, Chai or Earl Grey decaf from brands like Timothy's, Green Mountain and Celestial. Whether you have a taste for bold, mild, exotic, fragrant, dark or light, with a Keurig brewing system in your kitchen, your own perfect cup is always at your fingertips.

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We carry a variety of items which include cups, lids, stirsticks, toilet paper, paper towel and dispensers, sugar and coffemate... anything you need for your office, even copy paper.

We also offer ​Convenient bottled water delivery for your home or your business. With Culligan you can enjoy better tasting water with RO, spring or distilled. 

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Whether you're looking for the perfect dessert coffee  or dessert itself, Keurig has your flavour. 

Taste the best the world has to offer.